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We are a young family that has chosen to live in close contact with the wild essence that dwells in nature. We believe that it should be respected and valued in all its expressive forms and we care for it every day with great constancy and commitment. In exchange we receive its gifts, which nourish our bodies and our souls. We love transforming its fruits and making them accessible to as many people as possible, in the hope of stimulating sensitivity and awareness.

La Selva di Positano is a wonderful homestead between the sky and the sea, where centuries-old olive trees, citrus fruit orchards and officinal plants are the backdrop to our rural home which dates back to the eighteenth century and which is a testament to our love of nature which guides us in everything we do. This is not just the headquarters of a natural cosmetic company but is also home to the La Selva Association, which for years has promoted yoga, naturopathy, aromatherapy and cultural events in harmony with our lifestyle.

Our Philosophy:

100% Natural cosmetics

We carefully select natural ingredients, full of active ingredients that are good for the skin and respect the environment. We only use environmentally friendly packaging such as glass, aluminium, and recycled paper and cardboard.

We support and value the land.

We mainly use raw materials from our land, which we tend carefully in small plots to guarantee freshness and wholesomeness.


Artisanal products, made lovingly by hand in every phase of production, from their formulation to the creation of the finished product, right up to the coloured ink and graphic design on the packaging.

Aromatherapeutic Selvan creations.

Aromatherapy is closely linked to naturopathy and phytotherapy, which use pure essential oils to cure the physical body and the harmony of the soul.

Our products are made with raw materials of the highest quality and with local officinal plants that have prized cosmetic properties.

Perfumed by nature.

Our cosmetics have a fresh and vibrant fragranced note, thanks to the purest essential oils which evoke this enchanted place.

Caring for the environment.

Our cosmetics are extremely delicate on the skin. They do not contain any chemical substances or preservatives, synthetic perfumes or other substances that can harm the environment.

Handmade with the head and the heart.

The meticulous artisanal preparation at each stage means the ingredients maintain their active ingredients intact.

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