Our pets are the big Luna, returned to wag his tail happy after a troubled past. Foundling, in the first two years of her life she has been given to the big hunt . She began decimating our unfortunate hens, then attack the poultry houses of neighbors. Then she started to target the rabbits (tens), and she has even tried to eat up a sheep. Now, beyond the wild phase, she has calmed down giving herself to food and idleness. A lover of sweets, she spends her days sleeping from one room to another, and to seek your caresses. Shianti, the lady cat, is a marvellous princess always in search of small animals like lizards, birds and moles. When she couldn’t find a prey, she organizes food incursions into the kitchen. Rufo is a gipsy cat, as he hasn’t a house he’s one of the pioneers at la Selva and he dedicated himself to nomadic life. Sometimes he comes back home after 10 pm, starved and with a scretch on the nose which is a sign of “love raids” ended in a not very good way for him. Ah, love!
What to say about Nina? She’s a tenacious cat that, after has been thrown with her brothers into a steep canion with lots of garbage, she found the strenght to exit a bag and start miaowing. We abseiled down to recover her. Unfortunately, only anothe cat was alive when we arrived there and now she’s in the good hands of our friends in Tuscany. Cicciona and Cirilla are our donkeys from Sardinia, they are inseparable mother and daughter and we have never seen such affectionate animals. They spend their days eating (also Marta’s flowers) and being cuddled by Bianca, their owner.Least but not last, the seven sisters. Super hens which give us big and tasty eggs every day. They don’t miss a beat! They thanks Luna’s changing in her lifestyle. Just a recommendation: do not feed our pets and think about all the people who comes at la Selva. If everyone gives food to our pets, immagine how they will become… and there are pets that adopt the game of the “sweet eyes” (above all Luna). If you love animals, please respect this recommendation.

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