Dance and Theatre

At La Selva dancing is between the activities we love most because enthusiasts. Martha Rubino (between the founder of the association) has worked for years as professional dancer, collaborating with different choreographers and dance companies.
She brought this passion into our association, giving birth to different representations, organizing videos and workshops. We are always open to receive work proposal from dance teachers, choreographers and actors who walnt to work in a quiet and relaxed place, fully inmersed into nature where creativeness and concentration are always welcome.
We propose formulas which allow to choose bed and breakfast and a meal or also a kitchen that you can use for yourself.
We offer an unique experience where the enviroment, the natural food and the spirit of sharing contribute to enrich everyone’s cultural baggage..
The two platforms, both overlooking the magical coastal sea, are made with wood and one is covered with glass and also has mirrors, hi fi stereo and lights.
The association also offers the possibility to hire cash audio, stereo, video projector, lights, photografic panels, etc.

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