Rock Climbing

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in Italy, only for this reason it’s worth to visit. Arriving from Naples and going to Sorrento you will pass along a road which arrives to a small crossroad, from there you will through headlong a “huge snake of turns” which is the Amalfi Coast. Every turn is a surprise and it’s breathtaking. From one side you admire the sea and the islands, from the other side there are huge cliffs between terraces.
The small villages of the coast appear slowly, one after the other, from Positano to Amalfi, climbing the coast they look like flying above the sea. To one climber who comes here on the coast, the view of our limestone will be clear. The potential is much and there are first class cliffs. The centre of rock climbing is Positano, all the equipped cliffs are all around this idilliac place. The Mount Gambera with its big hole in the middle is between the most interesting rock formations. But the pearls for climbing in positano are Cannabis, ò piscione and the Paretone: the first two seems to be twin sisters and the climbing here is athletic. The Paretone is an immense wall full of concrections, a real jewel. For those who prefer techinical climbing there is the cliff at la Selva and, few minutes walking fro here, you can find Mirabella, another beautiful gem between overhangs and technical paques. For those who are interested to move from positano by car we suggest Capo d’Orso and punta d’Aglio. On the other side there’s punta Campanella, a magical place: facing the sea and in front of the Island of Capri, it gives the sense of respect for what mother nature has given us. This is a great place for deep water.
The rock nailing work is still in progress, thanks above all to all the volunteers such as the guide Adriano Trombetta, cristiano Bacci, Tonino Rispoli, Francesco Galasso, Gunter Gottardo, Stefano Perrone, Roberto Vigiani, Alberto Gnerro. We thanks all of them.
Download the free maps on or if you need a good guide you can buy the book or the app of Vertical Life Costa d’Amalfi “Costa d’Amalfi”

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